Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All About Betty Blog Hop!

The gals from The Burtonesque Dolls, Simply Betty Stamps and Simply Betty Challenges blogs figured it was a good time to put together a blog hop of our very own:


This hop is ALLLLLLLLLLLLL about Betty and since October is Betty's favorite month and there are sooooo many exciting things happening, why not do it just before?!! This way we can get things warmed up for the whole October and Halloween theme. Kinda like an appie!!

And since Halloween is her favorite time of year you will be seeing mostly, if not all Halloween cards and we have used only Betty Emo's images.

I am so super proud of Betty Boo, getting her dream-come-true-company off the ground! I think Betty's enthusiasm can be VERY contagious and I am ever so grateful for the hours of silly chatter and laughter we've shared across the crop table, along with Lisa! Whether we come in grumpy, frustrated, or exhausted we are all bound to be splitting at the seams or causing scenes at our local scrapbook store...a girl couldn't ask for better friends! <3 You Betty and Lisa!

Now, every good friend is m,ulti-faceted and Betty is no exception; we can giggle over silly stuff or get serious junk off our chests. Either way, a cup of tea and good company is always teh way to go. Being that Halloween is upon us, I whipped up a little "BETTY BREW" to calm the nerves... ;)

Without further ado, let's check out some more inspiring and creative cards from all the ladies. Please note because this is an appreciation blog hop there are no prizes. It's just for fun, but the ladies wouldn't mind some luving from you anyway!!

So LET'S GET HOPPING!! If you've joined us today from Barb's blog, you are in the right place, otherwise the hop starts over at Eulanda's!

I hope my project was your "cup of tea," but you've got to be hopping along...up next is JENNIFER!

Hugs and HOOTS,
<3 Alicia


  1. LOVE this project Alicia - certainly is MY cup of tea! Hope you gals enjoy drinking a cuppa together at your next crop! Will be picturing you all!

  2. Alicia!!!! First off...I LOVE your blog design...just delicious. Your profile pic is ADORABLE!!! And then there's your project!! =) I am a HUGE Amy Brown fan so I instantly fell in love with this!!! I have a print of the Believe Fairy in my studio!!! I love that you altered the jar with delicious tea and a gorgeous version of Betty.

    This is just amazing!!! She's so lucky to have such a great friend IRL!!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  3. Betty enjoy thisd so much. Drinking her witches Brew in that beauiful cup!! What a great friend to create this gift for her!! She's lucky to have you!!

  4. So nice to see a project that isn't a card. This is such a clever idea and executed so well! Betty is colored in perfectly!

  5. So true, I am waiting for them to kick us out one day... but then who would spend money there right? Bwahaa! I know that every time I come in and see your lovely smiley faces all my stress will soon be gone! Thank you for listening, supporting me, and just being there Alicia! You and Lisa are my crutches and the support has been amazing! I can't wait to see you gals on Friday. Just so excited!

    Thank you for this amazing surprise, you little sneak! You have been so quiet then bam! this! Just so wonderful!


  6. Oh and I looooove that special little Brew with Betty! Your projects are always just amazing girl!

  7. What a fabulous giftie, Alicia! Awesome idea, and the coloring on Betty is great (LOVE the hair)!

  8. Awesome gift idea, Alicia! Betty Brew! Genius! Great coloring/colors on this - gotta love a red streak!

  9. What a unique project, very creative. Very nice.

  10. You are endlessly clever and good with words, two of the reasons I love you so much!

    See you Friday!

  11. i just love your project hun
    perfect coloring, the image is so sweet
    hugs angelique

  12. Alicia, your girly is really pretty. What did you color her with???

  13. hoi hoi

    i love your blog and you tube tutorials.
    Great projects