Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nuture today...with friendship

Life is so full these days! As I heal from my surgery, my mom continues her treatment for breast cancer following a bilateral mastectomy, and my grandmother begins another round of chemotherapy for stage 4 lung cancer.
Through all of this we have all been so very blessed with the prayers of friends, family, and strangers.
My dear friend, Lisa, has been such a treasure, through her company, support, and willingness to keep me focused when I need to be and distracted when I need to be!:)
Thank *God* for good friends!
We've been up to quite a bit, Lisa and I. First, we cleaned out some of her store's inventory, making an insane number of grab bag boxes to post for sale this week:
Check them out! We spent two days going through product, sorting it out into boxes, and even cleaning out some of her personal stash for a local scrapbook store's garage sale. Wouldn't you know it, Lisa convinced me to give it a go as well, so I've purged my scrapbook room in a big way! It's SO NICE!
When I was helping Lisa, she generously paid me in stamps...and I mean STAMPS. I have so many incredible new images to play with I can hardly stand it!
Here is teh first card I've made using some of the Unity stamps I got from Lisa, along with some silk ribbon by May Arts and SU! clear buttons she gave me:

The die-cut frame is by Crate Paper, and the paper is Cosmo Cricket. Strangely enough, I made the card for teh fun of it, but it is *just right* for my mom thsi week, so it will go off in the mail tomorrow.
So,that garage sale...oh gosh! The scrapbook store kept 15% of our profit and the rest was paid to us in store credit. I have been wanting to build up a good collection of mists, inks, and washes and thsi was the perfect opportunity! I made $253 and enjoyed spending every penny of it today! If your local store does this, you have got to give it a try! I didn't sell all my items, but I'll keep them for their next sale, maybe they will sell then.
I decided to make a video haul of my new goodies, so if you have time, I hope you will check it out!

Fun, right?!
I am just so excited to enjoy all my new toys and blessed beyond belief!
Hugs and HOOTS,
<3 Alicia

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