Monday, August 1, 2011

Resistance is futile!

Dear Mr. Brown (aka UPS Delivery Guy),
I've missed you; I really have. I so look forward to the sound of your truck rolling heavily over the complex entrance gate: kuh-chunck...front wheels, kuh-chunck...back wheels; and then a screech-sigh as you step on the brake and put that giant truck of goodness into park. A ding-dong on the doorbell and a wagging dog tail can tell me only one've come for me!


Are those *business supplies*?! No, no..I won't be needing those!

After much fondling, and too much time mounting new stamp sets, it's time to dig in!

I used the new "Delicate Doily" set to create a 3 1/2" x 4" gift card holder. In an attempt to show-off the versatility of this set, I went ahead and used the border punch to create ornament toppers and voila-from doilies to ornaments! Paired with a "Petite Pairs" sentiment, this crumb cake, wild wasabi, and ridinghood red card is ready to go!

So, you see, Mr. Brown, I missed you so much, I just coudln't resist re-joining Stampin' Up for at least a few months! Now you may be wondering if it was realy *you* or if I just did it for the discount...can't I have both? ;)
Hugs and HOOTS,
<3 Alicia (in apartment 96)
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