Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mid-week playdate!

It is certainly way too late for me to be up right now, but I am wired for some odd reason. I have been sick for about 5 weeks now and finally went to the Dr. today. After several scripts, one for Antibiotics, and a chest x-ray, I should be fast asleep, but I'm not! I may as well stop in for some show and tell!
Back in 2007 when PC released their line of Disney dies for their manual die cut machine, I fell in LOVE. I soon fell back down to Earth once I saw how much it would cost me to purchase the entire line. :( *crushed* Randomly enough, I was cruisin' through a few scrappy sites last week and stumbled across a clearance sale...wait for it, wait for it...all of the dies were available except for two (which I have since found elsewhere) for $3.99 instead of $16.99 each! Naturally, I had to scoop them all up! I was worried that the combination dies, which must be cut out and then embossed, would be tricky, but they weren't at all!
This is a layout of firsts: my first time using my new dies and my first title cut with my new G.

This layout is about how much I enjoy going to Disneyland on week nights with my fiance. It is SO much fun to go to work, finish prepping and take off for a sweet little date with Christopher. We are such BIG kids! I especially love having all of the extra time while waiting in line to chat about my day and talk about random bits of life with him.
My favorite thing about this layout is the office-feel. I have included the school-related items from the line and have made it seem as though Mickey is luring Minnie away from her work...which he is, using the die cuts. I completely despise chalk boards, but they sure are cute! I used a wooden photo frame die cut to make the boards here to hold my journaling. Here are a few more detail shots of the office supplies and such:

On another note, I want to also tell you that I've designed a really fun card based on some online inspiration and so I hope to make a new video for you all this be on the look-out!

I better take my sickly self to bed and get some rest!
Have a happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Thank you for your wonderful videos on the Gypsy. I am visual person so it is so helpful. I love your layouts and thanks for the help.

  2. Feel better soon! Love your Videos ... you should do an Intro to Gypsy one explaining all the function of the buttons an keys....when you are all better , of course!
    hugs! ( shopsalot42)

  3. I remember those days!!! When my husband and I were engaged, we lived less then 30 minutes away from the "LAND" We would do just what you guys do!!! Now, we are married, have two kids and live an hour and a half away...sniff sniff! We still have our passes though and go whenever we can!!!

    Thanks for sharing your talent...I love your blog!!!


  4. Love your style! Your videos are amazing. You are a very awesome teacher, I think you definitely found your calling. Thanks so much for all your help and I'm looking forward to more videos!